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Jerzy Setkowicz Chambers was founded in September 1991 as one of the first in Cracow which offered legal assistance to Clients functioning in the newly emerging at that time free market economic system. From the very beginning of its activity Setkowicz Chambers has specialized in attending to entrepreneurs. Among our Clients are both individuals just commencing their professional career and medium and big companies, which profit from our knowledge and experience in undertaking various complex economic transactions, in negociating contracts and agreements, in converting enterprises and creating new ones and also in securing and exacting dues.

Jerzy Setkowicz Chambers renders legal assistance in the following domains of law: commercial and economic law, civil law, tax law, financial law, customs law and currency law. We also offer our Clients additional information concerning taxation involved in the legal action that is to be undertaken.

The development of the Chambers is based on a close cooperation of young, dynamic lawyers with legal advisors, notaries public, taxation experts and academic workers. We attach great importance to the continuous raising of qualifications, offering excellent knowledge of the subject and high quality of the services provided.


Taking into consideration all restrictions and difficulties with which entrepreneurs have to deal nowadays, we have established reasonable prices. The renumeration which the Chambers charges for a rendered service is the product of multiplying the rate of a lawyer's work per hour by the number of hours spent on a certain issue. In case of Clients being represented in litigation and in revocatory proceedings we establish the renumeration in advance. In case of Clients using our permanent assistance the accounts are settled on the basis of the lump sum (limited number of hours) so that the cost of a month's service is known in advance.


The Chambers' forte is the experience gained in many fields of economic activity, in which our Clients are engaged. These are especially: the brewery industry, the wholesale of liquid fuels and gas, the wholesale and introduction to the retail of imported consumer goods, the matalurgic manufacture, tourist services, the hotel industry, gastronomy and representational sevices.

We have become acquainted with the brewery industry as for many years we have provided legal assistance to one of the biggest distributors of well-known beer brands, company belonging to the Zywiec S.A. Capital Group.

As far as the wholesale of liquid fuels is concerned, we have gained the necessary experience when cooperating with the biggest fuel group with the share of PKN Orlen S.A., which is among one hundred of the most prominent Polish companies.

Everything connected with the wholesale and introduction to the retail of imported goods we experience each day owing to the permanent legal service we render to the Polish firm of the world leader in cleaning technologies - Alfred Karcher GmbH.

The catering business we got to know while taking care of the legal affairs of restaurants belonging to the "Hawelka" Group.